There are always (3) different drawers located in a Hologic Dimensions Mammography system, but what are the differences between the three? In the video above, Michael takes a few minutes to describe the differences between an Inverter Drawer, Multiplier Drawer, and a Power Distribution Drawer (ASY-01612) located in a Hologic Dimensions System.

The inverter drawers and multiplier drawers are categorized as either “new style” or “old style”. Your Hologic Dimensions will either have an “old style” inverter/multiplier drawer combo, or a “new style” combo. You cannot mix an “old style” drawer with a “new style drawer” and vice versa, as they are not compatible with each other in a Hologic Dimensions system.

These 3 drawer types may need replacing from time to time, but with constant monitoring and regular PM’s on your Hologic Dimensions system, they should last for your clinic.

In the event of these drawers failing, UMAC Radiology has replacement parts in stock for overnight shipping. Check out our parts website here. Along with parts, we have service engineers stationed across the country to service your Hologic Dimensions. Feel free to contact us with any questions.