Lorad M-IV

Lorad M-IV






Lorad M-IV Mammograpy System

Product Description

The Lorad M-IV is an excellent analog mammography system for high volume practices. It has a number of features to enhance image quality and ease the daily operations. This includes a bi-angular X-ray tube that enables enhanced magnification views. The design of the Lorad M-IV ensures optimal patient comfort, as it allows for a more flexible and relaxed positioning of the patient’s neck and head.

Product Features

The Lorad M-IV is very easy to operate due to the advanced automated features. Moreover, they improve the consistency of procedures and increase the efficiency. For instance, AutoFilter – a selection of exposure and filtration settings, and Four Exposure Modes ranging from fully automatic to completely operator-defined. Furthermore, you can store the preferences of each operator and they will be automatically activated upon log-in.

High Transmission Cellular (HTC) Grid is a feature that significantly improves the contrast of the obtained images. As this has always been a great challenge, it is a key feature of the Lorad M-IV. Moreover, the design of the Grid increases the absorption of scatter in both the x and y direction, and the transmission of primary X-ray.

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