Fujifilm Aspire ClearView-1m

Fujifilm Aspire ClearView-1m


CT, X-Ray, Mammography




Fujifilm Aspire ClearView-1m

Product Description

The Fujifilm Aspire ClearView-1m is designed for in-room installations where high throughput is needed. Yet, it can also be installed outside of the exam room to accommodate digital mammography and general x-ray in lower volume environments. The Fujifilm Aspire ClearView-1m still delivers images with the same exceptional high quality as the Fujifilm Aspire ClearView-CSm multi-plate reader, thanks to Fuji’s Image Intelligence™, patented dual-side digital image plate reading and 50-micron pixel sampling.

Product Features


A high-speed CR reader.

The Fujifilm Aspire ClearView-1m employs a single digital imaging plate (IP) cassette driver that’s capable of reading images acquired on both 18x24cm and 24x30cm-sized high resolution HR-BD IPs. The ergonomically-designed single plate unit, together with Fuji’s unique high-speed IP reading technology that reads information from both sides of the IP, will provide a throughput of up to 45 IPs per hour. It is also capable of reading standard x-ray IPs in sizes up to 14×17 inches.

Dual side reading with 50-micron sampling.

The Fujifilm Aspire ClearView-1m‘s dual side reading feature permits captured x-ray information to be read from both sides of the digital imaging plate (IP) simultaneously. Detective quantum efficiency (DQE) is increased by 100% over standard IPs, resulting in a 50% reduction in noise. And the 50-micron sampling provides spatial resolution of 20 pixels/mm (near 10 lp/mm), delivering clear, crisp images, which are crucial for accurate diagnosis.

Versatile multi-modality capability.

Along with high resolution HR-BD IPs, the ClearView-1m also reads standard IPs for general radiographic procedures. This multi-modality feature makes the unit versatile because it’s suitable for digital radiographic applications in addition to those for mammography. It can be particularly valuable in an imaging center where a single CR reader can be used to produce high definition digital mammography and general radiographic digital images.

AWS-c technologist console with PEM.

The AWS-c is an integrated patient ID, image review and reprocessing workstation. It provides image processing, image transmission and advanced Quality Assurance tools for detailed image enhancement and adjustments to meet the demanding image quality requirements of mammography. Advanced image processing techniques include:

  • Dynamic Range Control (DRC) improves the visibility of both dense and soft tissue by amplifying or reducing image density and contrast
  • Multi-objective Frequency Processing (MFP) selectively applies varying degrees of edge enhancement processing to each individual structure dependent on size for improved image quality
  • Pattern Enhancement for Mammography (PEM) detects and improves the conspicuity of minute structural information within the breast through pattern recognition. This makes it easier to view foreign objects such as micro-calcifications.

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